Around Miyayima

Around Miyayima, originally uploaded by Saralú.

I took this picture last summer during a ferry boat ride from Hiroshima to Miyayima. It was taken with my lovely Canon FT QL 1965 (it is 44 years old). I  bought this gorgeous camera about a year and a half ago for very little money. It came with a 50mm lens that is just magical.

I used a b&w roll expecting  to develop it myself. After realizing that it was going to be a while until I could find some time to do it, I took the roll to my favorite photo shop in Akasaka to be developed.

I am in love with the textures and vintage feeling the pictures get with this camera, and b&w film just boost that feeling.

I just got a new roll with slide film “vintage” pics… Hope I can scan and upload them soon.


~ by Saralú on October 4, 2009.

One Response to “Around Miyayima”

  1. mas vintage, onegai shimasu!
    me encanta el granulado de las analogicas, y tu toque, claro 😉

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